Gabriel Brothers: A Poor College Student's Dream

So, as the school year winds down, so does my job at the library. I've decided to not have a "real" job this summer since I've worked full time every summer since high school. This is my last summer before I start living in the real world and I'm taking four summer classes, so I didn't want to add in work on top of an already busy summer. BUT... along with not working comes not getting paid. 

If you read my blog frequently you know that I am a HUGE deal finder! I love finding things on sale and for good prices. Actually, if it's not on sale... I'm not buying it. Haha. 

Luckily, all of my girlfriends are bargain shoppers because, well, we are all in college and broke most of the time! One of my girlfriends, Morgan H., has been telling me about her awesome finds at Gabriel Brothers the past couple weekends, so she came over to the house Saturday evening and we decided to head out to see what we could find! 

I'm telling you right now, if there was a book on how to find amazing steals and deals at Gabriel Brother's, Morgan would be the one to write it. She had me digging and searching and reaching to the top shelf of the shoes and I managed to stay under my budget of $50 bucks and bought a purse and 2 pair of shoes! 

I have to share because I'm OBSESSED with my finds! 

I'm currently on a HUGE wedge kick and what would you know... Gabe's had ROWS and ROWS of wedges for 10 bucks! I got 2 pair. 

Love these black wedges! I realized I had all kinds of shiny ones, but not a pair of simple black ones! 10 bucks! 

EEEK! 10 dollars! 

And finally, my favorite purchase, Nicole Lee bag that I use to pay 70 bucks for, GOT IT FOR 20 BUCKS!!! Yup. I rock. Actually, Morgan H. rocks. 

I'm not ashamed of it! I'm going to be a teacher, so I'll be shopping on a budget for the rest of my life! Better learn how to do it now! 


High Five for Friday!

Linking up with one of my favorite bloggers today, Miss Lauren from My Grey Desk, for High Five for Friday! 


This week rocked my world, but I managed to narrow down only 5 major things that get my high-fives today! 

1. ITS A BOY!!!!
(She is going to die over this, but we worked at a daycare together! That explains so much!)

One of my oldest, and most amazing friends, Haylee, found out that she is having a BOY on Tuesday! Oh my gosh. I'm dying. So many angel boys! Looks like I'll be going to many little league games in the future! 
Here's precious Paxton all curled up in Momma! 


My AWESOME friend/student that I tutor not only got on the honor roll last grade card, but brought me 5 A's on different school assignments, so we got to do tutoring at Orange Leaf -- a fun, new FROYO place nearby! We had a blast and I am one proud tutor!

3. BYE-BYE Semester! 

So, if you all haven't heard from me enough about how GRUELING this 20 hour semester has been you are about to hear some more! It has been ROUGH. But the high-five part of the story is that out of the 8 classes I took I only have 3 finals! The tests are going to be rough, but I'd much rather take 3 tests than 8! So here is to ALMOST being finished with my Spring semester! 

4. 90 Year Old Men...

Okay that sounds weird... but really... I was grocery shopping an hour ago and while browsing over the tomatoes a (70-90) year old man walked up to me and asked me if I was married. I told him no way Jose and he then proceeded to tell me how pretty I was and wanted to make sure I wasn't married because he wouldn't want to offend my husband. HOW PRECIOUS. So, this (90?) year old man gets  a high five from me, not only because he made me feel like a million bucks, but also because he showed so much RESPECT. So many men/boys these days forget about respect. I have been gawked at, whistled at, yelled at, and even barked at which shows not only disrespect to me, but to my boyfriend. The fact that this man thought first that I could be someone's wife before even telling me I was pretty made me want to take him to campus with me and show guys how it is supposed to be done.  So kudus to you, sir! Thank you for showing respect!


Oh man... here is the downfall of my healthy living.
I am so obsessed with Pinterest recipes. I've decided to post a recipe that I've tried and LOVE and then a recipe that I am (literally in 5 minutes) about to try (and probably LOVE).

I made these Jalepeno Poppers last Sunday. I got 2 and the rest suddenly disappered. HM. Anyway, they are super easy and super DELICIOUS. I recommend them, especially for small get togethers! 

Then there's these little devils.... I've been seeing these pop up on my 

pinterest for weeks now... and I

 caved. I must create and consume these horrible little calorie filled devils... 

I will post the results. 

Source: Uploaded by user via Casey on Pinterest


Am I the Only One?

Although this weekend was more than relaxing it seems as if Monday has slapped me in the face! All of my classes are starting to wind down, just in time for my summer classes to start! JOY! A couple of things have happened this week that I've decided not to write about, but if you pray (and I know several of my beautiful followers do) please send one up for a special friend of mine. 

Anyway, yesterday in church I testified about a GREAT moment I had at school this week. Great moments in college are rare and fleeting so I thought I would share this one with you. 

In my Physical Science Lab this week I had a "special" girl sit down at the table beside of me. She was going ON ON about the most vulgar and obscene things. Don't get me wrong I wasn't born under a rock and I haven't been caged up my whole life, but there are some things I just don't want to hear about while trying to trace topography maps -- or ever. I began to think I was the only girl in the room who was uncomfortable with this girl until my friend, Kati, walked in. Kati has shown me through actions, that she is a Christian, so when she sat down at my table I was relieved because I know she would feel the same way. After a few minutes Kati looked at me and I gave her back the look that I was hearing it and was uncomfortable too. Not to mention that a woman had brought her child to class that evening, who was also having to listen to this garbage. 

Kati just looked at me and started talking about the AMAZING things God had done at her church the past week and the miracles that were taking place. From there we were able to get my lab partner involved and before you knew it we were all talking about God's miracles and how much he blesses us on a daily basis. I'm not sure if that girl ever quit talking, but the conversation we were having seemed a lot louder than hers. 

I'm not perfect and I don't deserve God's grace and mercy, but I am a Christian -- but I KNOW that if Kati wouldn't have come in lab that day I wouldn't have had the courage to start talking about God like she did. I'm thankful for Kati and I'm thankful for those other Christian girls I go to school with because at times in college it can feel like you are the only one. 

As I testified this at church yesterday, our church deacon reminded me of the story of Paul and how on his journey to Corinth he felt afraid and discouraged because so many people didn't believe in God as he tried to tell them about Him. He felt like he was the only one, but God said to him "Be not afraid, but speak, and hold thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city." Acts Ch. 18:9-10.

This scripture is everything I need as a young christian because I feel at so many times that I'm the minority as a Christian, but if I would just find the courage to speak up, I'd be surprised at how many other Christians there are struggling to speak up as well. My newest goal for myself as a christian is to speak up and not be ashamed to talk about God. 

Thank you Terry for the scripture and thank you Kati for having the courage to speak up! 

Have a great day! 


High Five for Friday

This is always the post I look forward to writing most every week! So many awesome things happen to me throughout the week that I want to post about, but for the sake of not being repetitive I try to hold out the really good things for High Fives! So here we go...

1. Professors that CARE!
 This week I had a professor come up to me during my clinical and ask me if I had ever considered a specialization in early childhood education and then went on to compliment me. When you are in college getting a professor to remember your name means something, but for one to go out of his/her way to tell you they notice your hard work really makes you feel like all the effort and time you're putting in is worth it! 

My intramural volleyball team won the championship last week! It felt awesome to get to play sports again. Winning the championship was like the championship I never won in high-school! 

3. E-Cards!
I've been seeing these E-cards on Pinterest and weren't quite sure where people were getting them, so my girlfriend showed me a website www.someecards.com and they seriously have me cracking up. I was having a rough day the other day so I got on there and typed in the subject I wanted and I was rolling laughing at some of the things those cards said! It's kind of like the things that everyone thinks, but no one says. I'm loving them! 

4. Cheat Days! 
I know I always talk about my lifestyle change and how I am all about eating healthy and watching what I eat now, and I still am, but I gave myself a cheat day this week and it was the most glorious thing ever! I finished a huge final portfolio a week before it was due and decided to treat myself with Taco Bell. For those of you that don't know, Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure... a guilty pleasure that I hadn't had since JANUARY! I devoured it. It was amazing. Now I'm paying for it. 

5. Mommy-Daughter Dates
Although this one is happening tonight, I am so PUMPED for my Mommy-Daughter date! We are headed to dinner and to see Nicholas Sparks' new movie The Lucky One. Mom and I are HUGE Nicholas Sparks fans. We've successfully read and purchased every book and are working on the movie collection! Aside from our love for Nicholas Sparks, I'm just honestly so excited to spend an evening with my momma. It seems like I haven't had time to slow down lately with the semester coming to an end, so this should be fun! (SIDE NOTE: If you have time to hang out with your mom and don't -- YOU SHOULD! Momma's aren't going to be here forever !) 

I love High-Five for Fridays! Leave me a comment if you do one so I can check it out! 


Turning the Cheek

I haven't blogged in a few days, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been keeping up on all of your lives!

Since I last posted I've been trying so hard to finish school before school is out -- if that makes any sense.

I spent Friday evening with my Mom at my alma mater! Our softball team is crazy good this year, so I had to go watch. They really were amazing! Go Pioneers!

Saturday I spent the ENTIRE day doing school work. I have this week and next before finals and I would LOVE to finish with most of my classes before them. I have several portfolios to finish, so if I can get those done I'll only have 3 final exams and this 20 hour semester will be under my belt!

Saturday night was a MUCH needed girls night at my best friend's house. We laughed, gossiped, and played a little sing star.

Sunday was my relaxation day. I stayed out in the sun until my forehead was burnt and it was glorious. It almost felt like summer... except when I had to go inside and finish homework. Buzz kill.

Today was a Monday for sure, but one theme has been on my mind -- Turning the Other Cheek.

This really hasn't been all that hard for me because I rarely ever stand up for myself, but its more of a "turn my entire body and let you walk all over me" type deal rather than just turning the cheek. What I want to work at is turning my cheek gracefully and feeling proud of myself for doing it after. I finally was able to do this last night after a little pep talk from my boyfriend reminding me of the person I am and the young woman I want to be perceived as.

Girls have the most evil mindset. All girls. Some just have the strength not to use it and be respectful human being and others don't. That's why girls can see when other girls are being vicious when guys may not realize it. (Then we get called crazy). I've learned to control my evil mindset because I do not want to be considered an evil or mean-hearted person, but I can still recognize that evil-ness when it's being directed at me. What I'm trying to learn is how to gracefully turn the cheek.

Matthew 5:38-39 says, "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smith thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

So, I understand about turning the cheek, but what I need to know is how do you feel proud of yourself afterwards?

In my most recent situation I turned the cheek, but I still feel like I've been bullied/picked on/lost. I feel good about myself in the fact that I didn't react to it, but I still feel like I didn't stand up for myself.

At the end of the day I just need to look at my life and how truly blessed I am. I have the most amazing boyfriend, family, and friends that love me more than life. I am blessed with health not only for myself but my entire family. I have a forgiving God who loves me unconditionally, if only I could turn my cheek as gracefully as He did.

If you have advice/similar stories I'd love to hear them. The 18 year old me would have been talking smack all over Facebook over this -- here's to growing up!


Elite Printing!

So, I'm kind of obsessing over this company my friend, Morgan Henson has shown me. They make the BEST shirts!!! I thought I would share it on this blog because I know all my friends from around home are always looking for the cutest apparel for sporting events! Especially my OW people in Wayne! They are currently located in South Williamson Kentucky, but they will be moving to the Huntington Mall as soon as summer gets here! Until then check out Elite Printing at their facebook page and check out all the beautiful shirts and other apparel they design! I can't wait to order some Marshall gear for football season!!

Like seriously?! How cute is this?! Ok, check them out people! I'm OBSESSED.

And my, personal, favorite....

Okay... my Wayne people... get on it and contact my friend, Tina at Elite Printing! Make sure you get on Facebook and "like" their page to look at all the AMAZING designs they offer! I cannot WAIT for them to get to Huntington!


Tip Tuesday -- Manikin

Now I know some of you are thinking... what is this chick talking about manikins, but hear me out! When I was 15 I got this big idea that I wanted... no, no... I NEEDED a manikin in my room. I convinced Mom that I would use it to lay out my clothes every night before school which would never make me late again!   (HAHA) When I was 18 she finally found a cute wire manikin (which is much more attractive and can act as decoration when you aren't using it) in an ABC Distributing magazine for like 24 bucks! Heck Yes! These guys are HARD to find! So, here's my tip...
Be on the lookout for a cute, inexpensive wire manikin (or any kind really).

Before you go to bed at night go ahead and put your outfit together. I seriously try to not fit the sloppy college student profile, but sometimes I just don't have time to put a cute outfit together. Start with a basic layer. 

My favorite thing about this is that you can add layers, accessories or whatever and can actually see them on a form, how low things will hang, and different lengths on the body. 

Hope this was a fun little tip for us busy ladies (or gentlemen)! I love it and be sure to share your tips with me today! 

This morning my Team Toni shirt was on my manikin! This beautiful young lady passed away yesterday. So in memory of you sweet girl! Your story has touched so many lives and has reminded me, at least, not to take a single day for granted. TEAM TONI! 


Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Shreves! 

My dear friend, Morgan, came to church with us! 



I finally mustered up the guts to wear my extensions! SO happy with how they looked!  


Cleaning out the Phone

Okay, so I've decided 989 pictures on my iPhone is unacceptable, so I'm putting them all on my computer and cleaning them out. I thought I'd share some first just because this (almost) year has been so full of fun memories!

And here we go!!! 

June 2011 I went on a cruise with my boyfriend's sweet family! This was where we stayed prior to the cruise in Key Largo! 

My favorite picture of all time. My grandma teaching Pup to play piano! 

Easton. Corbin. Enough said. Morgan and I not only got front row, but hung out with these cool guys! She's got the hook up! ;)

Then we went that week and saw this guy! KEITH URBAN! 

September 5 we celebrated OUR birthdays! Yes, best friends with the same birthdays! How fun! Only a year apart! 

Oh yeah, I guess it was his birthday too! The twins turned 21! 

Soooooo.... Morgan and I decided to go to VEGAS!

And more Vegas...

And...coming home from Vegas... :/

Then Morgan, her sister April, and I got front row to see Josh Thompson, Lee Brice, and...

Luke Bryan...Oh my. 

I finally got to see Puppy! He moved away from me in August to go to law school. Talk about a melt down! 

We got to spend our first Christmas together! 

Then we rang in the new year! 

Of course my Morg was there too! 

HAHA! Yes, I did! I'm not ashamed of it! I got my wisdom teeth cut out and the pictures were hysterical. This is in honor of Morgan right now because she had a tooth removed yesterday so I spent last night cuddling her! (She looks much better than this hot mess!)

I left the daycare that I taught at for 3 years. :( Miss my babies everyday, but I'll be a real teacher soon! 

Went to yet ANOTHER concert with my other Morgan! -- Thompson Square and Lady Antebellum! 

My little Haylee got married! And now she's having a sweet angel baby!! 

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary! 

And then I started blogging, so if you'd like to see my adventures from this point on feel free to look through my earlier posts and explore! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, it's doubtful, but I had to do it! 

God Bless and have a great Easter weekend! 


High Five for Friday

Hello all! It has been one heck of a week! This girl is exhausted, but that doesn't mean I don't have a TON of high-fives to give out! (For the sake of time I'll do my traditional 5!)

1. High-Five Number 1 goes to my dear, old dad! 
He stepped in to "teacher world" this week! For my after school science program I'm involved in we had to write a unit that included a community member, so we did our unit on oil and natural gas. Welcome community member, Odie -- well tender extraordinaire! We had a great time and the kids loved asking him all kinds of questions... although we had to sort out at one point that he was not a coal miner, but a well tender. (That's West Virginia for ya!)

2. Cute Long-Distance Easter Gifts! 
My friend, and fellow long-distance relationship-per, Kristen text me this week with the CUTEST idea for her long-distance boyfriend for Easter! Actually mail plastic Easter Eggs filled with goodies for your sweetheart! She said she mailed 3 and it only cost her $5.85! I filled mine with candies and dollar bills! And apparently it was a success! The boyfriend just text me saying that he got it and it was "sweet and cute"! YES!

3. Assessment Day! 
So, I'm not sure if other Universities do this, but Marshall has a day every Spring called "Assessment Day" where students get the day off of classes and are "encouraged" to take surveys all day about the campus, organizations, etc. Well yeah right, like I'm going to drive all the way down there to take surveys, but I WILL give them a High-Five because I needed that little break in the middle of my week! It gave me a chance to relax and catch up on school work! 

Yeah, yeah, I know that I gave a high-five to my girl Macie Mae last week, but I have to give a huge babies, in general high-five because Auntie Casey is going nuts! So many babies are being born around me I can't even deal! Under my bed is a small gold mine of baby clothes/blankets/toys, etc. My dear friend Whitney had her bundle of joy last week, sweet Bronx! Our next addition is little baby Hudson, who I've already bought enough clothes to last him his entire first year of life! You can follow his precious Momma, Lindsay, here as she talks about her journey through pregnancy and new stay at home mom career! I'm also very excited to announce that on April 24th I'll finally know what one of my best friends, Haylee, is having! I've already made boy and girl purchases! (I seriously can't stop). 
As you can see I've got baby fever bad... just not for me. 

5. Easter
Of course I must include Easter in my high-five for this week because Jesus is the reason for all these blessings and bundles of joy I can write about. I'm so honored and humbled to be called a child of God. I fail Christ every day and to think of what he went through to make sure I would be forgiven is just overwhelming. I don't deserve His mercy, but I'm so thankful I have it. We serve such an amazing God. Have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family! 

God Bless!