I'm a College Graduate.

Since the last time I posted some major life events have been taking place!

For one, I am a college graduate! I no longer am a "student" or "student-teacher", but a BONAFIDE, TRUE BLUE, TEACHER! 

(Now to get a job.)

I have been filling out applications and paper work since before I graduated preparing for this and go on the 20th to interview with Wayne County Schools! 

I've stressed and worried about getting a job, but have finally come to the decision that God will put me where He needs me, so if you're reading this please say a prayer for me! 

Other than praying and gathering up papers, I am just relieved that the work is over and  can add "teacher" to my resume. I couldn't have done it without the constant love and support of my family/friends.

Momma and Daddy

My family. 
My future In-Laws

My future family.        
Two of my favorite boys! 

Two of my best friends.
My sister/cousin Mo. 
My best friend. I'm so glad we got to go through all of this together.
Say a prayer that she will get a job, too! 
The best graduation present of all, my fiance is home for the summer!!! It's been a long 6 weeks without him.

I'm so excited to start this summer and see what it has in store for me, professsionally. God will provide and lead me in the right direction. 


Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful Mommy in the whole entire world.