School is out... forever!

This doesn't feel real, but after a couple for finals I will NEVER have to sit through a class AGAIN!


My next, and final, semster is just student teaching where I will be in an elementary classroom everyday doing what I love! 

I feel like just yesterday I was walking onto Marshall's campus and now, in just 5 short months, I 'll be walking across a stage somewhere getting my diploma! 

I am more than ready to start my teaching career! 

I know many of my viewers are teachers, so if you are, what was one special memory you had from student teaching? Or did you even have to do student teaching? 


Blast from the Past! Happy Birthday, Dad!

So, school is finally winding down and we have been SO, SO busy in the Shreve household. 

Tomorrow is my LAST day of my reading block which is so bitter sweet because I will miss my kiddos so much, but it also means I'm one step closer to student teaching! 

I had to make some time to blog about this weekend's main event: My dad's SURPRISE PARTY! 

Ode, finally is turning the big 5-0, so we decided to surprise him by getting all of his friends and family together for a big party.

I'll post later on how we decorated and the theme, but for now I'll just post a few silly pictures of my girlfriends and our costumes. 

I decided to go with a "decades" theme to celebrate all the decades of Dad's life, so this called for some dressing up! 

My girls and I rocked our best 80s get-up and even got my papaw in on the action! 

Haha -- Being in love with Bryan Adams.

My best friends! BIG HAIR -- DON'T CARE!

Told you we got Papaw in on it! Blue Mohawk!

My aunt and mom were a couple hippies! 

She helped SO much! Her 70s room was amazing! (Pictures to come later!)

There's the birthday boy!!! 

We had such an amazing weekend fellowshipping with our friends and family! Thank you to every person (ALL 60 of you!!!!) that came! You mean a lot to us.

I also would LOVE for my viewers to check out my fellow education major's new blog! She just recently got engaged and has started a blog about the events leading up to her wedding!