My Teacher's Prayer.

My dream of becoming a teacher starts tomorrow. It's no longer a dream, but reality. 

The different emotions I've felt leading up to this day have been vast -- excited, scared, excited, overwhelmed, excited... Did I mention how excited I am?!? 

So as I prepare to start my first official work week as a teacher here is my prayer...

I pray that I can be the teacher that I think I am in my mind. 

I pray that my students understand and can feel how much love I already have for them without even meeting them. 

I pray that their parents see this too. 

I pray that if I have a bad day my co-workers and students never know if. 

I pray that God gives me the strength and stamina to give my all every day. 

I pray that I learn from every mistake I make (and I'm sure there will be a few). 

I pray that I don't get car sick driving to Dunlow every morning! Haha!! 

Finally, although they say you can't talk about The Lord in school or influence anyone one way or another with your religion, I pray that everyone I come in contact with sees Christ in me. Christ lives in me and I couldn't separate Him from me even if I wanted to and He is the reason I'm the teacher that I am. 

As I pray this prayer for myself tonight I ask that you say it for me too! I'm so excited to start my career and hope to make everyone who has had a part in it proud!