Two Months 'til Moore!

It's hard to believe that we are almost two months away from the big day!

I feel like I should be saying I've been a wreck and stressed and overwhelmed with all I've had to do for the wedding, but I really haven't at all. My mother has been working her tail-end off and I can't say enough about a long engagement! Although I would have loved a May wedding, these few extra months allowed me to enjoy the end of the school year... remember to ask me if I still feel the same come August when I'm back in school and finishing last minute details!

There have been a ton of decisions made since the last time I blogged about the wedding, so I thought I'd share my "vision"! 


I feel like every girl has this picture on her wedding Pinterest board, but how can you not? It's timeless and classic.


Invites turned out exactly how I had pictured and we are getting RSVPs back! 
Try to have them back by July 15, please!
(Shameless plug)


I found this precious company on Etsy called One Fancy Day who make these BEAUTIFUL garters! Since my theme is lace and pearls it only seemed right.


Mom and I had several conversations over these bad boys after our venue coordinator slid one over our banquet chair a few weeks ago. WOW! We were in love, so after shopping around for the cheapest price, we (she) splurged!

These will probably be my favorite things from the wedding! My incredibly talented cousin made all of these beautiful wooden signs with our favorite scripture about love for pew decorations! Check her work out here!

My momma revamped our old radio flier wagon to make a perfect ring bearer wagon! And of course Dixie had to try it out. :)


Our florist appointment ended up being one of my favorite to-dos! We have a fantastic florist who was super laid back and fun to be around! These were the two pictures I gave him for the girls and my bouquets!

 It really is all coming together! I can't believe I get to marry the man of my dreams in two short months. I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts! 

Don't forget to check out our wedding website!

God Bless!


A New School Year... A New Grade...

I'm officially a 5th grade teacher! 

I am so excited to start my career in a grade that I adore! I found out last Tuesday that I had received the 5th grade position at my school and have been working ever since! I'm hoping to share what I do in my classroom through my blog, but with newlywed life and starting a new job, I'm not sure how well I'll do with that!

I have so many plans for this coming year, but my first was to get in my classroom and PAINT! :) I fully believe in making your work environment fun and inviting. (That's why my kitchen is turquoise and lime green!) My kiddos and I are going to be spending a lot of time in this room, so I wanted to give them something that was motivating and fun.

 Now TELL me that doesn't say motivating and fun to a 5th grader!

 Here are some pictures after most of the painting was completed. The room is still a hot mess, but it's starting to take shape and I couldn't be more excited!

 Fellow teachers: How do you feel about the U-Shaped Tables? I only have 12 kids (NANANANA BOO BOO) so I'd like to keep them close together to promote collaboration and discussion. Your thoughts? 

 Prospective chill space for reading, possibly.
My favorite space in the room (or will be in the future). Our writing nook! This is where our computers will be set up for our newspaper and all the supplies we need to be successful writers will be stored! I can't wait to teach writing!

Speaking of which.... here is my current Donor's Choose Project to get my kiddos a camera for our school newspaper we will be producing this coming school year! 

And just for giggles... you can't be a teacher without being flexible and knowing how to roll with the punches... that happened when my entire gallon of lime green paint fell off my portable book shelf and onto the floor and everything within a 5 foot radius... solution: I have a great lesson to teach my kids on motion and balance and a new lime green book shelf.

Happy Monday, everyone! God Bless!