Writing Autobiographies!

Hi all! We have been busy bees in the third grade class that I am doing my student teaching in! 

Two weeks ago it was finally my turn to teach the whole reading unit! SOLO!

It was a little nerve racking, but SO, SO fun! 

Here's what we did.

I found this AMAZING autobiography pack from The Teacher Wife's TPT store and it rocked my world.

We tweaked a few things, but overall it was a fabulous pack that covered pretty much all bases! 

This week we were reading Author: A True Story from their Treasures reading book, so it fit perfectly! 

Of course throughout this week we had state assessments to take, a freak snow storm, and in class speakers, but hey, this is supposed to be like real life teaching, right? Haha. We still managed to squeeze all of our plans in and the kids ROCKED their autobiographies. 

We also learned about Author's Purpose this week as our skill. I was able to use the "Easy as P.I.E." saying to help the kids remember them. 

After a long week I brought in my fancy rocking chair I painted over the summer... remember this post?

This was our "author's chair" for the day and we had a BLAST sharing. Luckily this little one covered her face while reading so I was able to capture the moment and legally put the picture up! I'm so mad at myself for not taking more pictures of their work! 

I finished my unit up by giving the kids writer gift bags filled with Post-It notes, pens, pencils, gel grips, and erasers! 

They really worked SO hard and I was SO proud. They are currently typing them for West Virginia Writes! 


What I've Been Up To: BOWS

I haven't been able to post for about a week because I have spent every minute of free time I've had crocheting bow headbands. Yes, bow headbands...

Before I show you them, I have to tell you the story behind them.

My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl, but there's never really been anything I was interested in enough to dedicate that much time to. 

A few weeks ago when my girlfriends and I went to visit my grandparents we showed my grandma a picture of this bow headband on Pinterest that we wanted her to try to make. 

A week or so later here came a package and grandma had crocheted us all these headbands. 

I put this picture up on Instagram and could not BELIEVE the feedback.

So many people liked it that I decided to give it a whirl and lo and behold I made this one!!!

Needless to say ever since that day I've been getting requests like crazy and it has been a HUGE blessing! 

Let me tell you that part of the story now...

A few days before my package from Grandma arrived I started really stressing out because I LOVE buying gifts for people around the holidays and let's just be honest... I'm a broke college kid. 
I even went in to my mom and broke down because I just wanted to be able to buy my loved ones gifts and had NO idea how I was going to get money in less than a month! 

Then all of this happened and I've got 48 orders to date! 

So, to every lady that has purchased a bow headband, THANK YOU. You are a blessing to me. 

If you would like to place an order or have any questions feel free to e-mail me at Caseydee09@yahoo.com


Weekend with the In-Laws!

I consider myself supremely blessed to have the parents I do. 
They have loved, supported, and always directed me in the way that I should go.

Almost two years ago I was lucky enough to have another set of parents come in to my life to do those same things! 

Since I first started dating my boyfriend his parents have opened their hearts to me and have always made me feel like family. I couldn't be more blessed.

This weekend the three of us packed up and went to Morgantown to see Puppy and watched the football game (YUCK). 

Although, we didn't get any pictures, I had to do a little bragging because any time we're together I'm  reminded of how blessed I am to have two sets of amazing influences in my life.

Now for the pictures!

I ran in to my sweet cousins! 

My goodness he is so handsome! :) 

Andddd for your laugh of the day... Mr. Buckeye's intelligent look! Haha. Bless his heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

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