Why Are We Putting Ourselves Through This!?

Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans.

Okay, now that that is out of my system...

This week has seemed to be the hardest, most grueling week thus far in my educational career -- and it's only Tuesday!

I have written lesson plans, had two tests already, been working on a portfolio, and have a quiz this evening, and that's just from yesterday and sliver of today. Needless to say I'm beat! However, this leads me to the topic of my blog today, (which I am going to start writing on more often), the reason I am putting myself through this torture. Yesterday, after class and hours of homework and lesson plan writing I decided to give myself a break and head to zumba. Well, on my way to zumba is the daycare at which I just recently had to quit working at because of my course load. I was feeling so low and so stressed and then I realized that the daycare was still open for another 20 minutes or so and was hoping some of "my" kids were still there. I pulled in and thankfully there were still three of my babies I hadn't seen in a month. I was instantly greeted with hugs and excitement. It was SO what I needed. It made me realize why I'm putting myself through this torture of 5E lesson plan formats and curriculum guides and CSOS.

Children need us, but more important than that is that we need them. At least I do. So, today's blog is about being thankful for precious children that God puts on this earth. Next time I feel stressed over school I'm going to head to the daycare to get a little love and to be reminded just what I'm working towards.