Dr. Seuss Week - Kick off!

We took part in National Read to Me Day on Friday to kick off Dr. Seuss Week and I am PROUD to say that over 200 of the passed AR tests came from my 5th graders! WOO HOO!

We literally read all day long. I know this may seem a little crazy, but there were SO many powerful moments taking place! Kids were talking about the books they were reading to one another, hitting their MONTHLY goals in one day, and proudly volunteering to read to the class.

We also had some adult volunteers come in to the class to read including my brother, Dustin and good friend, Macky. 


We also had a very special visitor from our local news station come read to us at the end of the day! Tim Irr, is a news anchor who generously donated his time to our class. It was SUCH a treat! He even stayed to sign autographs afterward. 

Our day could not have been any more fun! 

Next week we will REALLY kick Dr. Seuss Week in to FULL gear! Our book is The Foot Book! 
 Check back later on in the week for more Dr. Seuss updates!