Earth Day and a Thought

It seems like Earth Day was a week ago! That goes to show what kind of a day I've had!

Yesterday was TOO much fun in 2nd grade! 

Thanks to Ms. Conley for sharing fun ideas! 
Our class made a fun door decoration.
We also signed pledges to help the Earth!

 We also did a few more activities like describing our crazy tree with all of our new adjectives we've been learning about, seeing how many words we could spell using only the letters in PLANET EARTH, and making our "Give the Earth a Five" posters where we wrote 5 ways we could help the planet on a tracing of our hands! 

This is a prime reason why you should try to work with your best friend.

Yes, we were a tree and a tree hugger. :)

Like I said, we have TOO much fun in second grade. Morgan is IN THE ZONE with 2nd graders and her enthusiasm is contagious! 

Like I also said, it's been a LONG day. 

My thought for the evening is this. People will let you down, disappoint you, and hurt you. People who you hold to high standards will fail you, but God NEVER will. As I sat in my room steaming, trying to sleep off my migraine I thought about this: I have let God down and failed Him over, and over, and over yet He is the most faithful friend I'll ever know. I know how I'm feeling this evening being let down by people who are just mere acquaintances, yet I am His child and disappoint Him on a regular basis... I can't imagine how He feels. I guess I'm just overwhelmed by God's friendship this evening and thankful that when He looks at me He doesn't see my mistakes or sins, but instead He sees the blood of His son. I'll never be worthy of His mercy.

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:20

"Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Hebrews 13:5


Wedding Planning.

497 days until I'm Mrs. Pup Moore. How funny is that? 

We decided on a date: August 30, 2014.

I joke with my friends and tell them they could get engaged, married, and have a baby before I get married, but it was the best decision for us and that's what it's all about. 

I was not planning on planning wedding things so soon, but everything seemed to just keep falling in my lap! 

So far we have reserved our reception venue at the Marshall University Foundation Hall, all my bridesmaids have purchased my DREAM dresses for them, I've found a caterer, booked my photographer, AND I'm 99% sure I have found "the dress". 

After signing my contract for the venue! I've had my heart set on it ever since they built it. 
P.S. Kristen is FABULOUS!

Have you seen this picture on Pinterest? These bridesmaids dresses are what I've based the entire theme of my wedding off of! It was SO hard to find them, but thanks to my girlfriend/bridesmaid Morgan H. and Ms. Patty at Lara's we were able to get them if we ordered immediately!!

I think it's hysterical, but I'm a planner, so I'd rather have everything set early than wait until the last minute. 

Things are going smooth as can be and it will be here before we know it! :) 

Below are links to my vendors: 


High Five for Friday!


Obviously, this is going to be my number 1 high-five of the week! EEK! 

 2. Holly is HERE!

My love, Holly, is here from Louisiana, again! 

 3. Carter Caves.

We spent the entire day yesterday exploring Carter Caves in Kentucky! I can't believe I have never been there! 

4. Ash Brown.

 We literally spent 2 hours skyping this ray of sunshine last night! It was so needed for ALL of us! We love you Ash Brown! 

5.  Mo turns 21! 

Cannot believe my love is turning 21!!! We've been through so much together and I am SO incredibly proud of my cousin! :) 

Don't forget to link up with Lauren today for High Five for Friday! Have a great weekend! 
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Hello there!! I'm engaged!!!! ^^^^

This handsome fella is my hubby to be and I couldn't be more excited to be Mrs. "Pup" Moore! I've known I wanted to marry this man after a couple months of dating and after two years and one month, he decided the same! 

The proposal was perfect and EXACTLY how I would want it! I always thought to myself that I would want both of our families there to see it, because they mean so much to both of us. We all had Easter dinner together and all of my immediate family was there as well as his! He brought out my Easter basket after dinner and in the bottom was my ring in the box! 

I don't even remember this part because I was crying so hard, but I do remember looking at his sweet face and crying again! 
(Oh yeah, I also remember hearing "BRANDON GET IN HERE!!!!!" from my future sister-in-law! Haha!!)


Another added bonus of the proposal was that my best friend/maid of honor (his cousin) was there for the whole thing, snapping pictures! 

Pup did such an AMAZING job. I am so blessed to be marrying in to such a wonderful family and that he cares so much about my family to include them in this special moment! 


On a side note: As you can see, my blog has been redesigned and renamed!  Could Not Ask for Moore is the new title of my blog. I found this name fitting because I have been SO blessed throughout the 22 years of life and this year will have more HUGE blessings ahead. I am engaged, will be graduating from college, getting my first teaching job (hopefully) --- my cup runneth over, and I could not ask for more. 

On a second side note: If anyone is in need of a background I found this WONDERFUL designer on etsy, who not only personalized my background for me, but put it on my blog and everything. I did NOTHING. She had it designed and completed the same night! Visit her here!

God bless & have a wonderful week!